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Liz Duffy Adams

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Ben Bonnema

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November Christine

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Timothy Huang

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West Hyler and Dashiell Hyler

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Elyne Quan

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Jahn Sood

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Natalie Ann Valentine

Artistic Directors

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Our Story

Almost overnight we experienced the disappearance of live theater; the art form to which we’ve devoted our entire professional lives. Searching for a way to recapture the in-person experience of live theater during this time of social distancing, and questing for new ways to collaborate with writers and artists whose work we love and admire, we created Artistic Stamp. Every letter of every play is a unique handwritten response to the specific audience member. It’s our way of bringing an interactive narrative experience into the living rooms of all those who, like us, are hungry for connection.

Our Background

West Hyler and Shelley Butler are theater directors who have worked on a combined 7 Broadway Shows, including the smash hits Jersey Boys, Beautiful, and the Cirque Du Soliel Musical, Paramour. They have directed, developed and premiered work professionally over 20+ year careers at the top theaters in the US and abroad and held leadership positions at award-winning non- profit institutions. They also are married to each other and have a son, Dashiell. Learn more about their work at and

Our Mission

Artistic Stamp believes in the joy and delight of telling interactive stories. In creating thrilling, entertaining, thought-provoking plays-by-post, we make intimate connections that expand empathy. The opportunity to interact directly with stories--to truly engage—amplifies the capacity for compassion and insight. A diversity of people, experiences, and ideas is fundamental to the stories we tell. Together we deliver a bespoke adventure, tailored for each participant.


Artistic Stamp has assembled a top notch cast to bring the playwrights words to life through their handwriting. Each cast member personally reads and individually responds to every letter, creating a unique, interactive, epistolary relationship between cast member and recipient.

Season 1 Cast

Marie-France Arcilla
Megan Bartle
Chloe Catoya
Katie Chidester
Tori Ciccone
Emma Crawford
Katie Emerson
Nicole Javier
Brian Klimowski
Omalolu Fiki
Ellen Fred
Keri Rene Fuller
Morris Hill
Henry Howland
Michael Linden
Michael Manocchio
Krystle Piamonte
Quint Mediate
Michelle Miners
Danielle Ranno
Sarah Scanlon
Logan Schmucker
Scottie Schwefel
Nick Stephens
Alexis Tidwell
Chris Thorn
Brooke Wetterhahn
William Wheaton

Season 2 Cast soon to be announced


Marie-France Arcilla - Supervising Dramaturg

Bailey Ford - Social Media Manager

Brian Klimowski - Website Design

Michelle Miners - Handwriting Design Supervisor

George Youakim - Technology Director

Interns: Isabella Gardner, Grace Gardner, and Emmalynne Eshleman

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